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Everyone she has ever loved is dead.
Yet, Reginleif lives.
Always, she lives.

After a thousand years on the run, she would gladly sacrifice her own life; end it, once and for all—if only she knew how. But first, she must unravel the mystery to her immortality.
The ‘why’ is all that fuels her solitary existence.

When an ancient Nordic scroll surfaces amidst the ruins of war-torn Germany, her chance for answers to her ancestral past provides a glimmer of hope. But her adversaries, The Order, have other plans. Armed with the means to finally end her, they spring their trap. Reginleif, the undying, is no more—the ‘why’ is unanswered—and an ancient prophecy is broken.

Or is it?


Theia McDormand, a successful dentist in bustling New York City, lives a life of solitude.
Always isolated.
Always fearful.

Haunted by a sense of danger, Theia becomes increasingly withdrawn. An unexpected encounter with a man marked with a familiar tattoo only intensifies her fears. Audree, her only friend, attempts to coax Theia out of her shell of paranoia.
‘A problem shared is a problem halved.’

But Theia remains tight-lipped.

In her world, secrets aren’t just burdens—they’re deadly.

What readers are saying:

★★★★★ All-time favorite Wolf Series

★★★★★ My new favorite series!

★★★★★ ...this book was my escape from all of it.... The way Fane and Jacquelyn meet is right out of every girls' dreams.....

★★★★★ Love this book!

★★★★★ five star reviews across all platforms. Don't start this series unless you're ready to join the pack. You will get hooked!

Fans of historical mysteries, where fact intertwine with fiction, will be captivated by this intricate tale of love, loyalty, and destinies.